Voting patterns in 2016: Partisanship

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  • 90 percent of Democrats voted for Clinton.
  • 89.3 percent of Republicans voted for Trump.
  • Half of Independents voted for Trump.
  • Nearly 4 in 10 Independents voted for Clinton
  • 5.5 of Independents voted for Johnson.
  • Jill Stein was more popular among Democrats than Republicans (but most popular among Independents).

2016-partisanship-and-vote-choice Data source: CCES, 2016

Some characteristics of Trump's supporters

  • 6% of them were Democrats.
  • 58% of people who voted for Trump were Republicans.
  • 32% of people who voted for Trump were Independents.

Partisan data on Clinton's voters

  • Only 3.9% of people who voted for Clinton identified themselves as Republicans.
  • Nearly 71% of them were Democrats (but a much larger percentage of Democrats voted for Clinton, as noted above).

2016-partisanship-and-voting Data: CCES, 2016

Evidence from CNN exit poll

89% of Democrats voted for Clinton, and 88% of Republicans voted for Trump, according to the CNN exit poll:


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