Popular TV personalities in 2006

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The Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) survey asked respondents to rate various personalities, so you could run some models to see whether people's cultural tastes are predictive of their opinions about policies, or of their likelihood to support a particular political candidate.

Here are a few plots showing cross-ratings from Bill O'Reilly with Jon Stewart and with Oprah Winfrey.

Looking at O'Reilly vs. Stewart, few people liked neither, and very few people liked both (top right). Neutral feelings about Stewart were fairly common, O'Reilly was more polarizing:

Ratings of Oprah and O'Reilly are also negatively correlated and the pattern, curiously, resembles an inverted "T".

The correlation between favorable ratings of Stewart and Steven Colbert is positive, although a large share of people had neutral opinion of Colbert in 2006, regardless of how they rated Stewart:

Data: CCES 2006. Chart: @janzilinsky.

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