A good proposal from Kamala Harris (and a lazy justification)

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Harris and others want to put an end to electronic (paperless) voting for federal offices:

The status quo is something you would design if your sole objective was trust-reduction. Dan Gillmor writes that "[i]n some jurisdictions, voters use machines that create electronic tallies with no “paper trail”—that is, no tangible evidence whatsoever that the voter’s choices were honored. A “recount” in such places means asking the machine whether it was right the first time."

The system can, assuming a reasonable set of reforms, become more robust to human error, technological glitches, or bad-faith moves by domestic or foreign actors and groups in either the official or private sector.

Yes, a tweet has a character limit, but selling the proposal by acting as if there is just one reason (THE reason, in the tweet above) for paper ballots, while disseminating fear of one middle-income country is... perhaps not necessary.

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