One percent of all articles (still) mention Bill Clinton

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This is a rather amusing introduction:

Bill Clinton will not (repeat, not) be campaigning for his wife in the early stages of her 2016 presidential campaign.

He will, however, be discussing Hillary Rodham Clinton’s policies and vision for the country in front of live audiences of thousands of likely voters and in television interviews with the country’s most influential talk-show hosts.

But here are two facts that I would not have believed if I my own screen wasn't saying so:

  • Bill Clinton has appeared more frequently in the press* than Hillary Clinton, even in 2008 when his wife was running a long campaign for the nomination of the Democratic Party.
  • Bill Clinton, even after leaving office, continues to be mentioned at an impressive rate: about once in every one hundred articles mention his name.


Sure, Mr. Clinton probably fascinates readers, so it is understandable that supply would respond to demand. But look at the distance between the lines between 2009-12! Wasn't Mrs. Clinton running a pretty important department then?

\* - This is just one major publication, but still telling.

Foto credit: Steve Jurvetson

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