China's stock market: 12 rough days in 2015

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A few facts about the Chinese equity market:

  • Since 2000, the market dropped by 5% (or more) on exactly 42 days.
  • Two of those trading days happened this year (as of January 8, 2016).
  • 29% of the "very bad days" (12 out of 42) occurred in 2015.
  • With 14 steep daily declines, 2008 was the toughest year - but that year also saw 8 large daily price increases.
  • 2015 wasn't actually all bad: on three different days, stock prices rose by 5 or more percent.
  • Between 2000 and early 2016, stock prices rose by at least five percent on 21 different days.

Here is an extended version of the chart I posted on the Peterson Institute website:

*Data source: Wind Info and own calculations*

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