Ten ASSA2016 papers

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A subjective list of ten exciting papers from this year's American Economic Association conference:

  1. Hellesetter et al.: Age and Gender Profiling in the Chinese and Mexican Labor Markets: Evidence from Four Job Boards

  2. Laura Gee: The More You Know: Information Effects in Job Application Rates by Gender In A Large Field Experiment

  3. Denise van der Kamp, Peter Lorentzen, and Daniel Mattingly: Fiscal Decentralization and Pollution in China

  4. Oliver Denk: Who Are the Top 1% Earners?

  5. Ru and Schoar: Do Credit Card Companies Screen for Behavioral Biases?

  6. Acemoglu et al.: The Power of the Street: Evidence from Egypt's Arab Spring

  7. Chen and Sheldon: Dynamic Pricing in a Labor Market: Surge Pricing and Flexible Work on the Uber Platform

Papers that don't have drafts posted but that I'd love to read:

  • Examining the Effect of Social Distance on Financial Decision-Making
  • Endogenous Paternalism and Pseudo-Rationality
  • Balancing Public and Private Provision of Electronic Currencies

What could have been better?

My only critical/constructive comments for this year's conference would be:

  • A few more webcasts would have been nice.
  • Is choosing one of the most expensive cities in the country the best idea?

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