Selected articles

Will Sen. Jeff Flake vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court? We checked his Twitter feed for clues, Washington Post (Monkey Cage), with Gregory Eady, Joshua Tucker & Jonathan Nagler. Methodology: How to Compute Media Scores & Ideology of Political Actors

Saving Democracy From Its Defenders, The American Interest, with Dalibor Rohac

Why don't Trump voters feel betrayed? Washington Post (Monkey Cage), with Joshua Tucker

Scholarship not Welcome Here: Hungary’s Government Continues to Tighten Its Grip. Washington Post (Monkey Cage), with Gabor Simonovits


Churning over China: Anatomy of a Slowdown, China Economic Watch, with Pedro da Costa

Europe’s Arduous Climb Out of a Deep Economic Hole, RealTime Economic Issues Watch

Globalization is evolving, not receding, People's Daily; local version, published in Chinese as 经济全球化进程没有后退

An Imagined Threat from China, The Cipher Brief

How Serious Are Spillovers of Monetary Policy? People's Daily Online

Is the Fed Behind the Curve? RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Julien Acalin, shorter version published in Nikkei Asian Review

A Fact-Free Brexit, U.S. News

The Fed’s dilemma, People's Daily, with Julien Acalin, also published as 美联储进退维谷

Local Content Requirements: Backdoor Protectionism Spreading Under the Radar, RealTime Economic Issues Watch (with Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs)

Slovakia: Another Orbán Convert? RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Simeon Djankov

Eastern Europe: Freedoms under Pressure, RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Simeon Djankov

Is China’s Stock Market Leading the S&P 500? China Economic Watch

China’s Growth: Still Envy of the World Despite Slowdown, China Economic Watch


China’s Commitment to Clean Energy Remains a Little Hazy, China Economic Watch

Explaining eastern Europe’s happiness gap, FT beyondbrics, with Elena Nikolova and Simeon Djankov

Who will hold the power in AIIB? China Economic Watch

Populists and Their Snake Oil, U.S. News, with Dalibor Rohac

Effect of the Stock Market Correction on China’s Economy, China Economic Watch (with Sean Miner). Shorter version published as Falling stock prices do not always presage a bad economy in Nikkei Asian Review.

Fiscal tightening and economic growth,, with Paolo Mauro

Pollute at Your Own Risk: the Political Economy of Environmental Protection in China, China Economic Watch

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Justin Wolfers

What is an Appropriate Reaction to Attacks on Free Speech? North Korea Witness to Transformation

How Greek Citizens Saw Their Government Services Curtailed RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Paolo Mauro

Misc. older short posts & articles

2014: Chinese Students Love American Universities; China’s Evolving Ties with Central Europe; “Piketty should have said that”; Remembering Gary Becker: A personal note; How not to design a survey; Is fast media worse than fast food?; Notes from Lindau: Repugnant markets and prohibited transactions; 美中气候协议:天方夜谭?; US-China Climate Deal: Walking on Water?; China More Powerful than the EU?

2015: China and India: Who Will Win the Growth Competition?; China Chart of the Week: The IMF's Falling Forecast for China; Three Views (and Methodologies) on Global Innovation; We Are Unsatisfied Most of the Time; Eleven Negative Surprises in the Euro Area; Diversity among Advanced Economies in Rebounding from Crisis; How Severe is the Price Correction of Chinese Stocks?; Which countries are most exposed to China?; Global exports to China have been rising; The Magnitude of Global Service Exports from the United States Is Unprecedented; Industries’ Contribution to Emissions in China; Narratives of the Greek crisis; The stunning growth of market cap in China; Being part of the "European club"; Who got most patents in 2014?; Selling goods to China; Europe in 2015: a geopolitical disaster in the making?; Are sensors solving the “Akerlof problem”?; What are some of the pitfalls of using statistics?; Sovereign wealth funds should support efficient infrastructure; Reading Orwell: The Case for the Open Fire; Most Greeks have paid enough for past mistakes; Video about the Greek crisis; A Rorschach test for the observers of Greece; Even well-intentioned pundits are confused about austerity; The maps are out of control; V čom sa minulý rok v Davose mýlili ?; Stratené európske desaťročie?; Vedia stávkari predpovedať politické udalosti? Cameron a Miliband majú malú šancu a výhru; Britské voľby: tragédia pre prieskumy?; Grécka kríza a hádzanie zodpovednosti na iných

2016: Op-Ed: Has the American economy lost its magic? - People's Daily Online; Regional Convergence in China; Brexit: What a Difference a Week Makes; Direct Trade Impact of Brazil’s Recession; China’s Growing Appetite for European Goods; Slow Trade Growth and the G20 Response; The United Kingdom’s March to a Vote on Brexit; How Much Global Fiscal Stimulus?; Stock market volatility in the past decade; Ako si washingtonskí ekonómovia (ne)priznali vlastné chyby; Trump urobil z kampane ostrý šport, čo je škoda, pretože demokracia nemá byť pobavenie pre diváka; Brexit: Tlieskanie po vlastnom góle; Svet sa rúti do záhuby

2017: Na Slovensku je osemkrát viac ľudí s náklonnosťou k totalite ako v Nemecku (nová štúdia); Getting people to care about news (or not); How to talk about your (descriptive) regression, What every STATA user needs to know - how missing values are treated, Can you believe the media? Evidence from 3 surveys, Cynicism in America, Young people across Europe desire free and fair elections, What bothered voters about Hillary Clinton?, How America voted in 2016: A generational divide?

Slovak essays and op-eds

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