Yesterday, many people were circulating this article:

Trump challenges Tillerson to an ‘IQ test.’ The White House claims it was ‘a joke.’ - The Washington Post

These were the top headlines:

The NFL story is not over:

Today (it's October 11th, 2017), the main headlines are...

In political science, we talk about the "power of the agenda-setter". It has been 11 months, and there aren't policy victories to report but let's not pretend DT's tenure is a "failure", as many journalists like to tweet.

If DT's objective is to insert himself into people TVs, social media timelines, and conversations, then he's been winning that game for a long time. Well before he become president. And if his goal is to annoy/enrage liberals, he is doing quite well on that front as well...

Meanwhile, the latest YouGov poll (October 7 - 10, 2017; sample of 1500 US Adults) shows 6 in 10 Americans think the country is off on the wrong track. And that's during an economic expansion.

Worth noting that while DT's approval ratings remain high among his co-partisans, 33% of people who voted for him are unhappy about the direction of the country: