Roundup of links from this week (incl. National Parks in China)

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  1. Why I am still not excited by the Palma index (Branko Milanovic)
  2. Sharing Economy Workers Need a ‘Safety Net’ (WSJ)
  3. Putting an End to 'Us and Them' Capitalism (Lynn Forester de Rothschild)
  4. Happiness and health in China: The paradox of progress (Brookings)
  5. China Envisions Network of National Parks (NYT)
  6. Uber is logging 1 million daily rides in China—as many as the rest of the world, combined (qz)
  7. The Mutability of Wages (Paul Krugman)
  8. An interview with Martha Nussbaum (Reason)
  9. Inequality of opportunity: Useful policy construct? (VoxEu)
  10. Greece: The Confrontational End-Game Is Here (Jacob Funk Kirkegaard)
  11. Why America Should Join the AIIB (Project Syndicate)