Roundup of links from this week (incl. National Parks in China)

  1. Why I am still not excited by the Palma index (Branko Milanovic)
  • Sharing Economy Workers Need a ‘Safety Net’ (WSJ)
  • Putting an End to 'Us and Them' Capitalism (Lynn Forester de Rothschild)
  • Happiness and health in China: The paradox of progress (Brookings)
  • China Envisions Network of National Parks (NYT)
  • Uber is logging 1 million daily rides in China—as many as the rest of the world, combined (qz)
  • The Mutability of Wages (Paul Krugman)
  • An interview with Martha Nussbaum (Reason)
  • Inequality of opportunity: Useful policy construct? (VoxEu)
  • Greece: The Confrontational End-Game Is Here (Jacob Funk Kirkegaard)
  • Why America Should Join the AIIB (Project Syndicate)

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